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Are Personal/Generic Email Addresses Ok to Use?

Are Personal/Generic Email Addresses Ok to Use? If you and your employees email your clients from a ‘generic’ email address, does that hurt your business? We do see a significant number of our users communicating through generic email addresses, and our goal today is to provide you with some food for thought. Setting up a…
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Spreadsheets For Easy Importing

Introduction When you build a spreadsheet, you may want to think ahead about the possibility of importing your information into a software package at some point in the future. The time to plan your spreadsheet is at the beginning, before time passes and you have added hundreds of entries. Below are some considerations for best…
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Weekend Server Maintenance

This weekend (May 29-31, 2021) we will be doing server maintenance. While we cannot provide an exact time when your site will be affected, the work won’t take long and the odds are low that you will visit the site at the time it is affected. However, if you do visit your site and see…
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QuickBooks Desktop: Importing .ofx files

If you use QuickBooks Desktop you may want to import the records from your business checking account into QuickBooks. And like my bank, your bank may only provide downloads with a .ofx file extension instead of the .qbo files that QuickBooks expects. You may think it won't be possible. Or you may pay for a…
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