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QuickBooks Desktop: Importing .ofx files

If you use QuickBooks Desktop you may want to import the records from your business checking account into QuickBooks. And like my bank, your bank may only provide downloads with a .ofx file extension instead of the .qbo files that QuickBooks expects. You may think it won't be possible. Or you may pay for a…
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Biggest ‘Process’ Mistakes New SMMs Make

Many new Senior Move Managers are also first time business owners, and may not have experience working with business software. In the beginning, it is understandingly tempting to manage things by hand, perhaps even with just a spreadsheet. Later once your business has grown, the manual approach is too overwhelming and you need automation. But…
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Biggest Website Mistake SMMs Make

We've looked at a lot of the websites for Senior Move Managers over time, and the biggest mistake we see Move Managers make on their websites is to not clearly state their area of operation. Imagine you live in San Francisco and do a web search using the phrase "Senior Move Manager". You look at…
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Basic Search

SMMware offers a Basic Search feature which looks through the name fields of Clients, Organizations, Contacts, and Associates for matches. It is located at the top of the page, consisting of the standard text box and "Go" button. The search results are grouped by the area a given result came from (Clients, Organizations, Contacts, or…
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