SMMware allows you to create the most common type of invoices based on time and materials, but also to create flat fee invoices.


Invoices includes the ability to write an internal note that doesn’t appear on the final invoice and also a ‘public’ note that does.

All invoices have an associated status level:

  • Preliminary – The initial status, before it is ready for approval
  • Finalized – Ready for approval
  • Team Leader Approved – Approved, ready to send to client
  • Sent to Client
  • Overdue
  • Paid

In the screenshot below, the description of service was originally entered by the associate when entering their hours. However, those descriptions are editable here in case you need to tidy up the description (correct spelling or grammar, etc).


If you need to adjust the invoice for any reason (perhaps an associate accidentally broke an item), you can include that amount in the invoice. The reason for the adjustment can be includes in the notes section.