Easy to Create

Set a date range and click the ‘Scan’ button to pull in the hours, expenses, fees, plus any any travel charges. The work descriptions are included, no need to retype them.

Invoice Types

SMMware allows you to create the most common type of invoices based on time and materials, but also to create flat fee invoices.

PDFs and Emails

You can create a PDF of the invoice and either save it to your hard drive or email it to the client as an attachment. For an email, your default subject and body will get you started but you can customize them as needed.

Approval (Optional)

You can optionally configure your system for approval by the Job’s Team Lead, since they were on site, and know which employees were there and what was done. There is also an option to require approval of hours and expenses prior to them appearing on an invoice.

Status Levels

All invoices have an associated status level to make it clear to everyone where this invoice is in the process.

  • Preliminary – Not ready. Do not send to the client!
  • Finalized – Ready for approval
  • Approved – Reviewed and ready to send to the client
  • Invoiced – Sent to Client
  • Paid

Extra Touches

If you have multiple addresses involved, they will appear in a list for you to select from. Or if needed, you can always write in any address as applicable.

SMMware provides you with one note for the client to see, and one for internal company use.

From within the invoice it is easy to update the descriptions entered by associates.