The Setup Process

Subscribe: To get started, first please create an account using the Subscribe page of our main website and add payment information. You must also choose the prefix for your SMMware site URL. An example URL is where the prefix is ‘demo’.

Login: You’ll receive your login via an email to the address you used during sign up within 15 minutes of subscribing.

QuickStart: The login email also contains a link to our Quick Start Guide, which walks you through which settings you’ll want to pay attention to right away, and which can wait until a later ‘Optimization’ phase after settling in. Also check out our online manuals.

We also have online manuals, topic specific videos at our YouTube channel.


Import: For an established business, you can import your associates/employees, your clients, and your vendors, either using a CSV (comma separated variable) file, or from QuickBooks.

Theme (Optional): Your site comes with a default look and feel, but you can upload your own header image and choose your own colors using our Theme Editor. Your subscription comes with a free ‘theme’, wherein we visit your corporate website to select colors, and we use your logo to generate the header image.


Training (optional)

Your business generates a lot of information, and this software helps you keep track of it all. While we make our interfaces as intuitive as possible and our help system as informative as possible, many people like to have an instructor led introduction to SMMware.

See our Training page for additional details regarding training.