Your Sales Process

SMMware provides a whole toolbox of help with your Sales Process.


SMMware allows you to create Quotes, offering versioning of quotes. You can define and use quote templates to speed up your process and promote consistency. SMMware can generate PDFs of quotes and email them to clients.

Digital Signatures

SMMware has partnered with SignNow, a leading provider of digital signatures, to bring you eSigning for the quotes you create in SMMware. These are completely online and legally enforceable.

Sales Lead Records

The Quote may be the heart of the sales process but along the way you also collect various kinds of information and you need an intuitive place to store it. A Sales Lead record is a ‘bucket’ where all that information goes.

Tasks, Calls, and Notes

You can assign Tasks, such as following up after submitting your quote.

File Storage and Sharing

During the sales phase, you can also upload documents or take notes.

The Referral Report

Once you have entered ‘Referred By’ information into your Client profiles, run our Referral Report to be rewarded with an informative breakdown of where your business comes from. Break it down by quarter, year, or whatever other time range you like. Export it as a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file to play with the data even more.

People Who Refer Business To You

SMMware also helps you keep in touch with Contacts who refer to you. Contact profiles provide a ‘Refers business to us’ tag as well as a ‘Last Contacted’ date field. This information drives our feature that prods you to stay in touch with these valuable sources of new work.

Clients Willing To Act as a Reference

Our Client Profiles include a field to indicate whether they are willing to act as a reference for you.

Client Relations

As the sales person, once the job is sold, do you like to drop in when workers are on site? SMMware lets your homepage calendar display events for jobs you sold to make it easy to know when they are happening. You can also be informed via email about Events for the jobs you sold.