Your Sales Process

SMMware can help your company with your sales process.

Our Estimate Tool provides 10 ‘block’ types that you can mix and match to form up the final quote.

Sampling of blocks:

  • Client block: Inserts information about this potential client
  • Line Item block: A hours x $B/hr = $C subtotal
  • Grouping blocks
  • Head blocks
  • Summary block
  • Legal block

During the sales phase, you can also upload documents or take notes. You can assign tasks, such as following up after submitting your quote.

SMMware supports multiple versions of the same quote, as customers change their mind about scope.

SMMware also lets you define Templates, so that future quotes can be generated quickly and with consistancy.

Finally, you can generate a PDF to download or print, or SMMware can email it for you as an attachment.

Once the job is over, to complete the loop, SMMware helps remind you to ask the client to act as a reference and maintains the list of willing references.

In a Client’s profile, SMMware allows you to tag whether that client is willing to act as a reference.

Also in a Client’s profile, you can indicate who referred the client to you, based on the generic category of the referrer (Ex: Realtor), the company (Ex: John Smith Realty), and the person (Ex: Jane Doe). SMMware provides a Referral Report which shows you where your business is coming from and how much that business was worth. You can filter the Referral Report based on generic category, on company, and on a date range. Together these give you a powerful tool for strategic business planning.


SMMware also helps you keep in touch with Contacts who refer to you. Contact Profiles provide a ‘Refers business to us’ tag as well as a ‘Last Contacted’ date field. This information drives our feature that prods you to stay in touch with these valuable sources of new work.