Forms of Automation

Reacting to various changes, SMMware will automatically create a Task that will drive a particular process.

SMMware will also create Notes in response to changes so as to automatically preserve a history of those changes.

You can fine tune your system from within our Settings Editor

For Sales

Lead Salesperson

When a Lead Salesperson is assigned or changed, SMMware will create a Note documenting this change, and also assign a Task to the Salesperson for them to familiarize themselves with the details of this opportunity.

Decision Date

When a potential customer gives you a decision date, SMMware creates a Task to remind the salesperson to follow up with them.

Submission Date

When you submit a quote to a potential customer, SMMware will create a Task for the salesperson to contact them once a set time has passed if you haven’t heard from them.

Scoring of Sales Leads

SMMware assigns a score to a sales lead based on quoted value, age of the lead, frequency of contact, and status. When you are busy, these scores helps you decide whether to put your scarce time and attention.

For Jobs

Team Leads

When a Team Lead is assigned to a Job, a Task is created, instructing them to review the details of the job.