Senior Move Managers

SMMware’s first subscribers were Senior Move Managers and SMMware was built with features that serve your specific needs.

SMMware is an industry partner with NASMM, the National Association of Senior Move Managers.

Senior Move Management

It is common for you to deal with a client representative instead of the actual client, perhaps due to dementia issues or in estate situations. SMMware formally supports the idea of a client representative being attached to a client profile.

SMMware supports that a job may involve moving, providing fields in the Job Profiles for the new address and moving date. And since you may move the same person multiple times as years pass, SMMware tracks their address history.

You are also frequently moving people to the same Senior Living Centers, and SMMware saves you from having to cut and paste those addresses into a client or job profile. You can pick the desired location from a dropdown and the address fields are filled in for you, all you need to enter is a suite or apartment number.

SMMware’s scheduling feature supports the ways that you manage which employees will work on a given day. It isn’t assumed that you have full time employees, you have to concern yourself with which employees can work when.

In these ways and more, SMMware is perfect for anyone in a Senior Move Management business.

Don't get wrapped up in the details, let SMMware help!

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