Document Management and Sharing

SMMware allows you to upload documents and images, and to share them with clients and vendors

Document/Image Uploading, and Downloading

SMMware provide a File Manager in various locations, such as within a client, job, and estimate profile. There you can upload documents in formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, or images in formats such as JPG and PNG.

As you upload images, they are automatically downsized from the typical 3Mb or so as created in mobile devices to approximately 100kb. Agreement has been unanimous that the end quality is still more than high enough. But by downsizing, you conserve your data plan and time when reviewing the images later.

Image tags

SMMware allow you to apply tags to your images. The typical use is to indicate which room they were taken in. You take a number of photos in a living room, and upload them in a single batch, applying the ‘Living Room’ tag to the entire selection.

Image Auto Renaming

When you upload images from a mobile device, they typically have long random strings for filenames. SMMware you automatically rename for you during upload by checking the ‘auto rename’ box. The resulting filename will be a combination of the tag chosen, plus a sequence number. So you end with filenames like ‘Living_Room_001.jg’, ‘Living_Room_002.jpg’, etc. This makes it easy to refer to specific images when discussing them with others.


If you wish to have a local copy of files, downloading is easy in SMMware. Click on the download icon for an image or for a folder. A single image downloads as is, and a selection of images downloads as a zip file.

Document Sharing

Sharing one or more documents/images is easy. Begin by clicking on the ‘share’ icon for a folder or for a document/image. Since you start the process from within a job or estimate, SMMware already knows which client is involved, and their email. You simply click on the slider to activate sharing, and they will get their invite email.

SMMware provides a Client Portal. Your client or vendor receives an invite email when you share a document/image, and clicking on the link within brings them to the SMMware Client portal where they can easily review their ‘shares’. Note that they do not have access to any other aspect of SMMware.


If you work with a vendor regularly and have shared images from multiple jobs with them (say a moving company), their client portal has a top level listing of the jobs/estimates shared with them, where they can drill down to see the relevant images. They can easily navigate between their various jobs as well.