QuickBooks Integration

SMMware lets you copy information over to QuickBooks to avoid manually entering it in both places, integrating with both QuickBooks Online and with QuickBooks Desktop.

First, an overview of the experience working with QuickBooks Online

You can read about the integration below and you can also view our YouTube video embedded farther down.

First, you need to establish the connection between SMMware and QuickBooks Online.


Typically you will copy an invoice, and SMMware will check if there are new clients, associates, or vendors to copy over as well. SMMware also lets you copy over individual items if desired.


SMMware provides you with feedback regarding the main and sub items that were copied over.


Second, an overview of working with QuickBooks Desktop

The framework provided by QuickBooks for the Desktop version is a little different than the Online version, it is a two step process.

First, in SMMware, you add the hours, expenses, etc to a queue. Then, from within QuickBooks Desktop, you tell it to fetch the items from the SMMware queue.

This approach keeps your desktop machine which is running QuickBooks Desktop, behind a firewall. Having your computer reach out over the Internet to the SMMware server is much more secure than providing the Internet as a whole with access to your desktop. Below you can see how to initiate fetching the queue from SMMware, by navigating to File->Update Web Services.

Below is our YouTube video on working with our QuickBooks Desktop integration.