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SMMware: Software for Service Businesses

SMMware brings together over 23 years of programming experience. We are still very strong in the area of Senior Move Management but continue to grow in other industries as well. Our aim is to provide Service based companies with the best software available anywhere allowing them to run their day to day operations as efficiently as possible.


Born in Chicago, Illinois, I have over 23 years of experience in the software industry, coming from a programming background but also with years in leadership positions.

I have programmed or helped lead multimedia projects for nonprofits like the American Academy of Pediatrics, household names like the Discovery Education, Devry, and McDonalds, and large organizations like the City of Chattanooga, Tn.

I continue to handle sales inquiries and focus on the development direction for SMMware.

Accredited Trainers

Liz Donovan is accredited by SMMware for the implementation of and training in SMMware. She is independent agent, and you can contact her per the info below.

Liz Donovan
Senior Support and Transition
(732) 610-8241

I was born in New Canaan, Connecticut. After a long career, I returned to New Canaan so that Mom could stay in her home of over seventy years, the first one my Dad (an architect) ever designed, in 1948. My father had been left permanently disabled by the polio virus, but luckily had been able to continue working from home. As a teenager, my first jobs involved assisting others living with the long-term impact of polio. My experience in figuring out how to keep Mom safe, in conjunction with the caregiving jobs of my youth, led me to launch Senior Support & Transition, initially specializing in senior-oriented services but extending naturally to serve other age groups. I am an experienced SMMware Administrator who has adapted existing SMM business practices into SMMware installations. I have an extensive 30+ year background as a software development professional with a Masters in Computer Science as well as considerable user and technical documentation experience.

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Our Advantages

Our Focus

SMMware provides more features under one 'roof', fewer integrations means fewer headaches and lower costs. Our experience. Our years of experience with business operations software started in the Senior Move Management® industry and continues to grow as other industries discover SMMware

Our Software Experience

Our years of experience in programming means that we can provide you with a solid product that you can count on to run your day to day operations.

Featured Questions

Yes, absolutely. You can invoiced based on time and materials or based on a flat fee. To learn more, click here

Absolutely! Our calendar supports all your scheduling needs in a compact, easily readable format. SMMware’s color coded calendar tags are easily customized and let you understand the type of event at a glance. We offer 3 different approached to managing attendees, and also include text notifications. To learn more, click here.

For subscribers who are involved in moving their clients, SMMware tracks the history of where they have lived. To learn more, click here.

Yes, SMMware allows you to create and manage inventory items, their locations and pricing. To learn more, click here.

SMMware provides the ability to write quotes, and also to store other information collected during the sales process, including the uploading of files (such as photos). To learn more, click here.

Popular Questions

Training is offered through our Accredited Trainers, who are separate from SMMware but have our guarantee regarding knowledge and reliability. To learn more, click here.

The number of included employees depends on the subscription level you have chosen. The entry level includes 10, and the number included increases by 10 with each level. To learn more, click here.

Yes, SMMware uses Amazon AWS cloud based hosting. SMMware is software hosted on our server as opposed to installed on each associates own personal computer. Your associates can log in from any location as long as they have an internet connection. Also, all your data is gathered in one place, as opposed being housed on individual machines and then synchronized. SMMware is hosted using Amazon Web Services.

After you subscribe (using the Subscribe page), you will receive an email with your admin login in approximately 15 minutes.

We take all major credit cards. See the Subscribe page