How to Start a Conversation with Seniors About Downsizing Their Space

Do you have a parent or senior in your life that could benefit from downsizing their home but you’re not sure how to approach the discussion? The topic of downsizing can be difficult for some. They may have to part with items that have memories attached. Or it may make them feel like they are losing a piece of themselves. Below are some key aspects to ensure you have a supportive and respectful discussion with the seniors in your life.

Before You Begin the Conversation

Before you start the conversation with your loved one, keep a few things in mind.

Be Respectful and Non-Judgmental

A Senior’s possessions represent a lifetime of memories. Dismissing their value as worthless is equal to dismissing the senior’s value.

Don’t Lecture

Most seniors will respond well if you share your concerns and express your desire for them to be in a safe and comfortable environment. It’s not about forcing them to get rid of things, it’s about helping them to live their best life.

How to Begin the Conversation

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