MailChimp Integration

Our integration with MailChimp provides many advantages.

For Clients, Contacts, and Associates, when you add or edit an item in SMMware, the name and email address will be created or updated in your MailChimp account.

Do you use a different mass email program such as Constant Contact? SMMware can help you as well, see our page on Zapier Integration (which is ‘middleware’, a go-between)

One-Time Data Entry

SMMware copies records of Clients, Contacts, and Associates. For each of these three, in the configuration, we tell SMMware which list at MailChimp to copy the information to. Based on your choices, we’ll configure SMMware for which MailChimp list Client records should go to, which list for Contacts, and which list for Associates. These three destination lists can be different or the same.

MailChimp Tags

When a client is added or updated in SMMware, they are assigned a tag representing their status (‘Current Client’, ‘Past Client’ , ‘Potential Client’).

When a contact is added or updated in SMMware, they are created or updated at MailChimp, and are assigned tags that match their categories in SMMware (such as ‘Realtor’, ‘Mover’, ‘Attorney’, etc). If you designate that Contact as someone who sends you business, they also get a ‘Refers Business’ tag.

MailChimp can use the tags assigned by SMMware to target emails to specific subsets of your overall email list.

Customer Journey

You can also build Customer Journey’s at MailChimp that react to the tags added/removed by SMMware. If you take advantage of the Landing Pages provided by MailChimp to add potential clients to your list, they are also created in SMMware as an Inquiry.

SMMware’s integration with MailChimp is focused on saving you from having to enter the same information in both places. To compose and send emails, you will still log into the MailChimp interface as usual.

Together, SMMware and MailChimp form a powerful team to keep your business moving.