Client Management

As a jumping off point, SMMware allows you to perform the standard functions for managing clients (add/edit/delete).

Going beyond that basic functionality, a feature which is particularly useful to the SMM industry is the address history, since it is common for a SMM company to move the same client multiple times. The system keeps track of addresses and give them designations such as ‘original’, ‘current’, ‘move to’ and more.

Blow up of Address History from above, showing address designations (original, move to):


As part of the sales process, you can also create sales leads which we call “Inquiries”, which take all the same information as a normal client record. When the inquiry becomes a client, you simply use the “Promote to Client” command from the “Edit Inquiry” command.

Another useful feature is the ability to upload a portrait of the client since different associates may deal with the client at different phases of the job.

Also worth noting, this page provides a clickable list of other jobs for this client so that you can review what other work has been done and answer any questions outside of this present job. Below is a blow up of the list of jobs, from just below the portrait: