Client Management

A Client record is the center of the web of records, everything that has been done for that customer.

Here you can see a list of all sales leads for them, as well as a list of job done for them.

For those businesses that do involve moving, repeat clients means a breadcrumb trial of addresses, and SMMware does keep a a full history.

Client profile records offer custom fields for storing information about them as a person, items which do not change from job to job. Examples are of course their name, and also their phone and email address.

You can create Tasks, Notes, and Calls here as well.

You can also upload files here. They are available internally to your associates, and can also be shared with either the customer or a vendor via our portal.

You can assign a client representative, if applicable.

You can designate whether they are willing to act as a reference.

You can record who referred them to you.