Tasks, Calls, & Notes

Assigning Tasks and Calls

A Task or Call can be assigned to a multiple associates, with one of them having primary responsibility.


Notes are only editable by the associate who created them, creating a clear history of who said what.

Where You Can Put Tasks, Calls, and Notes

Notes, Tasks, and Calls can be created under all the main record types, such as Sales Leads and Jobs, or Organizations and Contacts.


Email notifications let people know when they have been assigned to a Task or Call. Or if you assigned a Task/Call to someone, you are notified when they update the record.

The Homepage Dashboard

This is your nerve center. All the Tasks assigned to you across the system are listed here. Your Calls are here; your Schedule is here.

If you are a higher level user, you also get company level information through the ‘All Tasks’ section or the ‘Statusboard’ sections.

Adding Multiple Tasks

Our ‘Task Groups’ allow you to define groups of common tasks for various stages of a project and to preset default values to save you time. Lastly, you can conveniently add these groups where ever you might add a single Task.

For instance, you may have a Task Group called ‘Pre-Sale’ which groups together 4 tasks that you always need during the sales phase. Or a ‘Job’ group with 8 Tasks that you typically need while the job is ongoing.


Also see our page on Automations to learn how SMMware utilizes these tools to add even more utility to your SMMware experience.