Tasks, Calls, & Notes

SMMware includes the ability to add tasks, notes, and calls. Tasks and Calls can be assigned to an associate. For use during the Sales phase, they can be attached to a Client. Once there is a Job, new Task/Call/Note items can be attached to the Job Profile. The system can be configured to send emails to Associates when new items are assigned to them.

Job and Client profiles have expandable sections containing lists of items for that job or client (click on the ‘+’ sign to expand/collapse a section).



The homepage has lists containing only items belonging to the user you are logged in as, and let you manage your day without having to sift your work out from a mixture of everyone’s work. Some of the homepage sections only appear for managers, others apply to every user.



Editing a ‘Task’ entry:


Adding multiple tasks

Your jobs typically call for the same tasks. You want a quick and easy way to add those tasks instead of doing it one at a time, over and over. In response, SMMware provides “Task Groups”. Clicking on any task group button takes you to an editable screen showing all the tasks from that group. Simply adjust the due dates and other fields and then save. If you do not need some of the tasks, click on the ‘x’ to delete them. We work with you to determine what the Task Groups should be and what tasks fall within each group. Each task can have its own default assignee, priority, and status as well.job_profile_task_groups


Editing a ‘Call’ entry:



Editing a ‘Note’ entry: