SMMware is software for running the day to day operations of Senior Move Management® Companies.

SMMware is a hosted solution, your associates can log in from anywhere.

Summaries are provided below, with links to more details for selected features.

Summary of Special Features Useful to an SMM company

  • Maintains a history of client addresses
  • Flexible Scheduling of Associates in an SMM context
  • Manage Consignment Sales
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Leads, who can be converted to Clients as applicable
  • Track Inventory of Packing Materials. Can be configured to automatically treat Associates as inventory locations.
  • Keep a centralized and categorized list of useful Organizations/Vendors for specific tasks or that can be recommended  to clients
  • Portraits of clients can be uploaded to their profile
  • Since many associates at SMM companies are part time and may not know each other, portraits of associates can also be attached to their profiles
  • Some clients have health issues and may not be the main point of contact. The system allows for the entry of a client representative (with contact details) as well as designating the relationship to the client
  • Referral Tracking

Summary of Basic Features

  • Manage Clients
  • Manage Jobs
  • Manage Associates
  • Manage Invoicing, with approvals by Team Lead
  • Context sensitive help
  • System of permissions to separate basic users from team leaders from administrators.

Reports available

  • Payroll Detail Report
  • Company Credit Card usage Report
  • Invoice Summary Report
  • Payroll Detail Report
  • Reimbursement to Associates for Expenses and Mileage