The Importance of the Pre Move Declutter

Moving to a new home gives you an opportunity to start over — in more than one way. Aside from a new neighborhood and new job possibilities, you also get a chance to go through everything you own and decide what goes with you and what stays behind. Broken items, mementos that you don’t care for anymore, and clothes that don’t fit all take so much space and might make you feel frustrated. But packing gives you a great chance to get rid of everything you don’t need or want to take with you to your new home.

So, let’s take a look at why you should never skip decluttering and organizing your stuff before or after the move.

You’ll Save Money

Moving to a new place has many costs like buying moving supplies or paying for a transportation service. Also, the more stuff you have, the higher the bill may be. As Nancy Zafrani, General Manager at Oz Moving & Storage points out in her interview for The Moving Mom page: “Cost is calculated, essentially, by volume and services. The more you move, the more it will cost. The more services the movers provide, the more it will cost. The more you do before they get there, the less it will cost.”

So, if you can reduce the amount of stuff you have to pack and move, you will save some cash. That is why decluttering before the move is a smart choice.

You’ll Save Time

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