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Happy Sustainable New Year

I am not really a person that makes big overarching resolutions for the new year, but I wanted to share with you what I am doing. I am committed to doing better: Every time I go out to buy something in the new year I will make a conscious decision to “do” better. This “doing…
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Overcome the Guilt of Donating Unwanted Gifts

I love the Holiday season and nearly everything about it. From the decorations to the music to the family and friends downtime, it’s just a great time of year. But, like many others, there are times I feel guilt over the influx of unnecessary gifts I receive. A gift is always a lovely and generous…
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Peter Pan House

Do you live in a Peter Pan house? For the past two centuries, we Americans have been building houses for people who will never grow old. Narrow hallways, narrow doorways, and stairs – lots of stairs! On the website, Dr. Laura Carstensen, of the Stanford Center for Longevity lays out fifteen elements of the…
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