What’s in Your Attic? Do you need it all?

It’s that place where things go to retire, never to be seen again. You know what’s up there…bins of sentimental items, as well as boxes of unknown stuff. I am guessing your attic is like most people’s, a mix of holiday, seasonal, sentimental, and forgotten items. Given that I have a plan to possibly downsize over the next two to three years, I have begun the process of organizing my attic, with an eye toward having less to move in the future. So what do you do if you are in the same situation? The first step is to stop and think about what your plan for the attic is:

Is your plan to downsize to prepare for a move or relocation?

Is it to organize for easier retrieval?

What really needs to be stored in the attic?

Are there items currently stored elsewhere that belong in the attic?

By thinking about what the goal of the attic is, it allows you to focus on what really needs to be done. The attic can be an overwhelming place to organize, especially if the temperature is volatile and the lighting is less than adequate. One of the best tools you can have in your hands as you approach your attic is a label maker. Label the bins as you move them, thus making decisions that may not have to be revisited. Once you have a plan in place, you can begin addressing the contents of the bins. I will cover some of the major categories that might be in the attic.

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