What are the different possible categories of addresses?

When looking at the address history for a client, the 'Notes' column on the far right indicates what kind of address a given entry is.

Here are the different types:

 Original The client's address when you first met them
Tentative If the task involves moving but the client hasn't actually hired you yet, the second address is tentative. This is like a "move to" address but just not official yet.
Job 1234 If you have moved a client several times, the intermediate addresses are labelled with the job number that involved moving the client to that address.
Move To When you have a job to move a client, the 'move to' address is that new address. When the job is complete, this label will change to 'current'.
Current As might be expected, this is where the client is presently living. Note that if the client has never moved, that single address is really both 'original' and 'current'. In such a case the system assigns the label 'original'

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