Right Sizing Is for All Ages

Baby Boomers:

As you have most likely heard, there is an entire generation who are approaching retirement or are already there. These people, born between the years 1946 and 1964, are Baby Boomers and they are making their imprint on everything from health care to real estate. From now until 2030, 10,000 Baby Boomers each day will retire, according to seniorliving.org.
Along with this senior population comes the desire to right size or downsize.

Many times, this stage of life brings the desire and financial ability to travel more.

Baby Boomers want to be tied down less to physical belongings and the chores of a large home. Other times, physical limitations do not offer a choice. It is just not possible to care for a large home and yard. They do not want to pay to have these things done.

Another group may look at their belongings with some embarrassment. They don’t want family members to have to see and deal with years and years of accumulation.
As a baby boomer myself, I experienced this first hand. My parents were both from the Depression Era. They did not waste. They did not throw “perfectly good”
items away. As a result, we had a few things to go through when it was time to sell their house. Along with the fatigue of this chore came many emotions. One exhausting, but memorable day, I was working with one of my brothers. I found my mother’s wedding dress (in a small paper Dayton’s bag), and my brother found my dad’s Marine hat. It was a day to remember for sure.

Here is a great resource to help you begin planning a downsize.

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