Don’t Delay Happiness

A lot of my clients have the misconception that because I’m a professional organizer, I’m going to expect them to get rid of all their stuff.

What organizers really want is for our clients to simply use the stuff they choose to keep in their homes.

If someone is ready to let something go, I’ll always support them. But I do take pause and try to dig a little deeper if I think they’re letting something go to avoid an uncomfortable feeling or task.

A favorite instance is when a client takes out lingerie that “they got for their honeymoon and wore once because, what’s the point?” As long as the lingerie is something that still fits and makes the person feel good, then I always challenge them to wear it that very night. What is there to lose? Your partner will be pleasantly surprised and it’ll help you get use out of an item you may have been avoiding at risk of being embarrassed or disappointed.

I also challenge people to keep something for a month to see if they can put it to use. Especially for my city clients, I seem to come across a lot of “tags still on” picnic kits. Maybe taking on the challenge will actually motivate the person to use the kit like they’ve always intended and then it’ll become a monthly tradition their family now can’t live without. Or maybe the deadline will come and go and now they can rest assured it’s time to let it go.

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