How Many Pairs of Shoes Should I Own? The Most Unsatisfying Answer from a Professional Organizer

How many pairs of shoes should I own? How many reusable water bottles does one person need to have? How many books should I keep?

As a professional organizer I get these questions all the time. And I’ll tell you the answer I tell every client for every category. Spoiler alert, it’s really lame. The answer is…. it depends.

It depends because the answer is different for every single person and every category of belongings. But I will share with you 3 things to consider as you find your very own perfect number.

First and foremost you have to consider your space. And be realistic with yourself. The limitations of your space believe it or not can actually set you free. Much like the way a friend or Organizer ( Hi! ) can help rid you of clothes that don’t fit and pans you never cook with your space can give you a definitive idea of how much stuff you can comfortable store.

Which brings me to our second consideration, your preferences.

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