How to Get Your Kids Organized

If you’re a parent (or hope to be one someday), you probably dream about your future children’s adult lives. What kind of people are they going to be? How will they contribute to society? How fun will it be to visit their homes and play with their own children??

Hey, now that I think about it… what do those future homes look like, exactly?

As a parent, you always want the best for their children. This includes hoping that some day, they’ll live happily in a pretty home that will welcome the eventual spouse and grandchildren you dream of. Well, the only way to ensure that kids grow up to be organized adults is to set them up for success from the very beginning!
Organized children’s playroom with coordinated shelving and bins

Here’s the thing. Organizing is a skill, not a personality trait. That means anyone can become proficient at organizing, but it also means that everyone has to learn and develop organizing skills over time. So in order to set your kids up for future success in happy, organized homes, they are going to have to learn how to organize for themselves. And it’s your job to teach them!

There are two very simple things that parents can do to help their kids learn to organize. They’re not difficult, but just like most things in parenting they require consistency and dedication over time.

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