Is Paper Clutter Your Worst Organizational Nightmare?

February is “National Archive Your Files Month,” which means that you should be archiving or saving your papers and files for future use. In order to archive your files, you need to know what you actually have for files and what archiving them really means. Let’s start by addressing paper files, then we will move on to a bit about electronic files while covering the topic of archiving.

For most people, paper is their biggest organizational problem.

Paper, in some form, clutters almost every room in the house. From daily mail, books in various states of reading, magazine subscriptions, and newspapers, to shopping/dining receipts, it’s ubiquitous. While paper has multiple ways of getting into your home, its final destination really comes down to four basic options. Just like I mentioned in my blog on closets, you need to consider a few things in order to get ready to tackle your paper problem.

Get Ready Gear:

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