Monthly Archives: February 2013

An invoice was done but an associate forgot to enter hours

If an associate creates more hours/expense/mileage entries after the invoice has been created, it can be handled in one of two ways. If the invoice hasn't already been sent to the client, you can set the approval level back to "preliminary" and use the Refresh button. This will cause the system to look again for…
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How best to track vendors I recommend to clients?

Use the Organization related commands to manage your list of vendors who have a proven track record with you. Each organization can be assigned to one or more categories. Some example categories are accounting, legal, Nursing, or Solid Waste / Hauling.
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What if the consignment dealer just purchases an item outright?

While the usual case is for the consignment dealer to pay for an item after it is sold, sometimes they do purchase the item and resell it themselves. If this is the case, within the Item Administration command for consignments, you can simply select "Yes" for the  "Cash Purchase" dropdown for that item. The system…
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