What you think is worthless, might not be!

This story begins in 1983 at a Contents Sale when I saw the entire collection of “Freddy the Pig” books and knew I had to have them. These books transported me back to Saturday mornings when my Dad would take us to the library for story time and, then my brother, Stu and I would select a book to take home to read. Stu always picked the latest “Freddy the Pig” adventure; I picked “Dr. Doolittle”.

When I saw these “Freddy” books, I imagined Stu’s daughter happily reading the same stories her Dad had read all those years ago. Besides, the books were a bargain at four for a dollar! Total purchase price: five dollars!

Unfortunately, Stu was not nearly as excited about my book purchase as I was, so the books languished at the back of my bookcase for almost 20 years.

In June 2002, I was clearing my bookcases and came across the “Freddy” books again. It was time to do something with them, but what?

That evening, as luck would have it, I was having dinner with a friend, who worked at a Children’s bookstore. When I asked Elaine about my books, her only question was.. “Is there anything special about them?

I wasn’t sure. I returned home and checked my books again. I was surprised to discover most books were FIRST EDITIONS, almost all had ORIGINAL DUST JACKETS and many were SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR!

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