10 Things to Downsize in 10 Minutes

Downsizing can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! If you start early and start small you can make it easier for yourself. Do you have 10 minutes a day to invest in living with less? Here are 10 Things to Downsize in 10 Minutes!


I’d have to say that the most annoying phenomenon in the kitchen is how we never have the same amount of storage containers as we have lids. They’re like socks in that you end up missing partners. This is a great category to start with when performing 10-minute downsizing tasks as it is one of the least likely categories to struggle with in terms of emotions towards letting go. Grab all your plastic storage containers and match them up with their other halves. Recycle the excess or repurpose used containers as drawer organizers.


If you enjoy a good cup of coffee, you probably prefer drinking it from a cup that you love! In fact, you likely use one to three of the same mugs all the time while the rest of your collection never sees the light outside the kitchen cabinet. So, why keep the rest? Is it because they match your dish set? If so, sell or donate the dish set and purchase plates that you love as equally as your favorite coffee mugs. Is it because someone gifted it to you and that someone is special to you? That someone wouldn’t want you to keep it if you didn’t love it. Donate the mug to someone who will use it.

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