Nicole’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Organizers

Christmas is quickly approaching, and for all of you last-minute shoppers, I’ve put together a Holiday Gift Guide for Organizers! These items will make the perfect gift for that special person in your life who loves to stay organized or needs to get organized! These items have been tested and approved by me (a Professional Organizer of 9 years) and are guaranteed to bring order and functionality in 2022!


Honestly, I could have listed dozens of baskets, bins, containers, and other items that I love, but I tried to keep the list down to my absolute favorite items!


I get so much out of putting pen to paper! Everywhere I go I need a notebook to take notes of reminders, thoughts, and to-dos. However, it can be extremely difficult to keep your notes organized, unless you master the process of moving the noted information to other locations or file them in the proper categories. The answer for me was the ReMarkable 2!

With my ReMarkable 2, I have one digital notebook that contains all my notes inside of folders that I’ve created for easy retrieval. It is lightweight and feels and sounds as if you are handwriting on paper! The documents are easily shared and can be converted to text.

Please note – this device is not meant to surf the web, read email, or receive ANY notifications, but that’s the beauty of it to me — no distractions, only focused writing! It truly is the ultimate paper notebook, but with digital powers! One notebook contains all the focused notes that go everywhere with me and are easily accessed. This was my absolute favorite purchase of 2021! I recommend it for all business professionals, especially those who thrive on organization.


Finding the perfect planner for your needs is not an easy task! There are SO MANY to choose from!

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