Halloween Decorations DIY

I love decorating for both Halloween and Christmas. As the autumn leaves begin to drop, and the acorns produce a real mess in my driveway, I can’t help but be excited that Halloween is right around the corner. For me, it is not all about the candy or pumpkin spice products, but rather the spooky holiday decorations. I love seeing the faces of the children who are brave enough to make it to my front door.

Some years draw more crowds than others, as Mother Nature has a big impact on attendance, with everything from hurricanes to snowstorms.

Like my Christmas decorations, I have a fair amount of Halloween trimmings stored in the outdoor sheds, as well as up in the attic. Who knew, as a professional organizer, that I would have multiple storage places for my decorations? The Halloween decor is usually put up in multiple waves as some of the outdoor pieces have electronics in them and cannot be left out in bad weather, as they would not survive for another year.

I usually look at pictures from the previous year to help me make decisions of what will be repeated and what will change. Call it decorating envy, but I seem to get kick-started once I see other proudly adorned homes.

So, what is my system? Let’s begin.

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