5 Minute Routines to Get and Stay Organized with Katie McCann

Organizing your space seems like a HUGE task. But what if it only took five minutes to get and stay organized?

Today I’m interviewing Katie McCann, a professional organizer in Westchester, NY. And owner of the award-winning home organization company, Haven. Katie’s not just a whiz at organizing and de-cluttering, she’s also great at the emotional side of getting rid of things, and at making organization a regular part of your life. And that’s what I want to talk to her about today: simple practices we can use to get and stay organized, five minutes at a time.

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Transcript starts below:

Katie, thanks for being here today! Before we start talking how-tos, why do we tend to get overwhelmed with clutter in the first place?

I feel like clutter ends up happening when we have a lot of decision fatigue. I feel like just a typical scenario, You’ve had a really long day at work. It was very stressful. You come home, you walk in the door. It’s a little bit of chaos. Maybe your kids are really needing a lot from you. So rather than mindfully, putting your keys on the hook, putting your bag down, and putting your shoes in the same place, you kind of dump all of your items on the floor to kind of move on with your nightly routine.

But what then ends up happening is it creates chaos the next day. And if we do that in all aspects of our life, that’s where the clutter happens. All the piles. All the mail that we haven’t tended to, that we haven’t made decisions on. Because we’re tired and we’re have literally decision fatigue. So I feel like it’s just the day-to-day maintenance, which leads to a lot of excess stuff.

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