What Good Might We Glean From COVID-19?

Although I cannot fully comprehend the lasting impact that the COVID-19 global pandemic will have on every aspect of our lives, one thing I am sure of is that we can learn from this experience.

Quarantine offers every person a chance to dig deeper into the behaviors, habits and relationships that they treasure and to let go of the things that no longer serve them.

Over the past few weeks, I have tried to sit with my feelings as much as possible, to begin to process my current situation and to imagine what the future holds.

Many emotions emerged: worry, anxiety, stress, anger, martyrdom and sadness. But thankfully, I have also felt immense gratitude, peace, solidarity, calm, and happiness.

I have found myself asking, “What is this moment teaching us collectively?”
We’re All Grieving Together

This process is a form of grief. People are grieving those who they have lost, loss of income, loss of freedom, loss of certainty, and people experience the anticipatory grief of a future that seems more uncertain than ever. As with any uncomfortable feeling, the best way is through. Don’t live in the space of grief for days or weeks on end, but rather, feel these feelings and let them pass through you. Whether you’re in the denial, anger, depression, bargaining or acceptance phase, be patient with yourself.

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