New Since Houston

Hello attendees of the 2022 NASMM conference!

A lot of time has passed since NASMM’s last conference in Houston in March of 2020, just before Covid hit us all in a big way. While we haven’t met face-to-face since then, SMMware has been busy, continuing to add new features, and improving the ones we already have.

Below is a list of how SMMware has changed.

Major New Features

  • Zapier Integration, allowing SMMware to interact with 3rd party software
  • The Sales Lead Manager, with Quotes
  • Pay Levels, allowing different pay rates for different types of work done
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Profitability Report, to compare the expected vs actual hours
  • Subscription Manager


Below are 59 Additional New Features


  • Homepage section to manage your calendar invites (in addition to the invite emails)
  • Added a section for ‘Delegated Tasks’.
  • Added the ability to hide sections
  • Statusboards let you update the note from the homepage

Master Calendar:

  • Location in main menu has a setting, either Admin or at the Main level
  • Now can set an event as Tentative
  • Can configure to start a new event when clicking on a day
  • Availability Summaries
  • New option, MMS Messaging (long messages. In addition to the previous SMS texts)

Sales Leads

  • Sales Lead status levels are customizable
  • You can add a client record from a new sales lead.
  • Quote PDFS: There is a setting for ‘more’ and ‘less’ detail (per line item)
  • Templates: Ability to create new templates from the listing, as well as by saving an example quote as a template

Hours and Expenses

  • Presets for hours and expenses add to the description instead of replacing the description
  • A settings for who can enter duplicate hours (defaults to ‘Admin’)
  • Hours and Expenses can be marked as ‘billable’ or ‘nonbillable’.
  • Hours and Expenses can be marked as ‘taxable’ or ‘nontaxable’.
  • Expenses: Can set a default vendor
  • Uploading receipts for expenses (image or PDF)


  • Can remove single line items.
  • Invoices with a status of ‘Paid’ have a ‘Paid’ graphic appear on the PDF.
  • Invoices have multiple ‘Adjustments’
  • Invoice listing can be exported
  • Can place a QR code in an invoice

Job listing: Filter by the Organization you moved someone to (the dropdown of preset address seen in client and job profiles)

Job Listing: Ability to create a client record as as part of creating a job, instead of having to separately create the client record first.

Job Profile: Ability to create events from the events section, in addition to creating them from the calendar.

Subscribers have the option of uploading expenses to QuickBooks as ‘Purchases’, in addition to the previous approach of uploading as ‘Bills’.

File Manager:

  • Added ‘notes’ to the file manager
  • The file manager lets you upload large batches (instead of a limit of 20 at a time).
  • File Manager: Added the ‘auto-rename’ function

Settings Editor was expanded to let subscribers self manage:

  • QBO/QBD Settings, you can manage yourself
  • Master Calendar: Can customize event tags
  • Task Groups
  • Image Tags
  • Hours Entry Format
  • Job Types
  • Categories for Orgs and Contacts
  • Custom Fields for Jobs
  • Custom Fields for Clients
  • Custom Fields for Associates
  • Theme Editor
  • Notes Sections: Default text


  • Each Associate can have their own credit card for QBO/QBD
  • Associate profiles now have a middle name field
  • An associate can be assigned to multiple Job Code levels (instead of just one)
  • HR Tasks/Notes to Associate Profiles
  • Associate permissions, added these granular permissions:
    • Manage Jobs & Clients (Options: None | Read | Read/Write)
    • Manage Organizations & Contacts (Options: None | Read | Read/Write)
    • Manage Flat fees (Options: None | Read | Read/Write)
    • Manage Invoices (Options: None | Read | Read/Write)
    • Invoice Approval ( Yes | No )
    • Manage File Shares (Options: None | Read | Read/Write)
    • Manage Inventory (Options: None | Read/Write)
    • Manage Consignment (Options: None | Read/Write)

Content Importer: Can import content from CSV (comma separated variable) format files

User interface improvements, can delete items without reloading the page

Duplicate Record prevention (Hours, Clients, Organizations, Associates)