02) Introduction & Requirements



This document is an introduction to SMMware for Basic Users. SMMware is a web based software solution, accessed via a web browser. You can use a desktop computer, tablets such as the iPad, and mobile phones. As a Basic User, your typical tasks are to enter hours, expenses, or mileage for a job. You may also use SMMware for its scheduling calendar to indicate that you wish to participate in a task (Packing a client’s home, for example). You can also use it as a reference to look up contact information for a client, co-worker, or vendor.

Creating events, managing associates, clients, jobs, and vendors are typically considered tasks for advanced users. Team Leaders are typically considered advanced users, and will also want to consult the Team Leader User Manual.

Each SMMware client has their own URL of the form http://company-name.smmware.com. As a user, the URL will be provided to you. Your instance of SMMware will look slightly different than the screenshots contained in this manual. Your company logo will appear in the header, and the color scheme will be customized.

Most commands do save directly from the editing screen. But some commands you’ll use do follow a two step process. In those cases, first there is a data entry screen with the fields you can fill out. Second, when you click ‘Next’, or ‘Delete’ to go to the Completion screen, the data is saved to or deleted from the database. If you leave the page prior to the Completion step, your changes/deletions will not be recorded in the database and will need to be re-done. Note that SMMware does not currently follow an ‘auto-save’ model.

Throughout the manual, note sections like this below, providing links to relevant YouTube videos:

Watch our YouTube video about creating a shortcut on the desktop for your Apple device at https://youtu.be/36S4WjDZKVQ
(if this link is broken because we’ve posted a new version, go to our channel at https://www.youtube.com/SMMware to get to the new video)


Access to the Internet.

A web browser.

Cookies must be allowed (to maintain your login state).

Popup windows must be allowed (for help screens).

Mobile devices to have a minimum width of 750px in portrait mode.