15) Homepage, & Tasks/Notes/Calls

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Homepage, & Tasks/Notes/Calls

These features helps you remember upcoming appointments, or to record the results of an interaction. It can be used if you are meeting someone for lunch, for example.


Below is the entry screen for a Task.

Below is the entry screen for a Call.


Below is the entry screen for a Note.

You may prefer to put entries here instead of just putting them into a smart phone because SMMware lets you view the listing of Task/Call/Note items, providing a history of your interactions, and because this list can be viewed by others in your company.

When looking at the Tasks/Calls/Notes sections in a Job Profile or Client profile, the entries in the list will be a mixture of everything created for that Job or Client, regardless of who created the item or who the item is assigned to.

Task Groups

In a Tasks section of a Job Profile, you may see buttons next to a label “Add a Task Group” (if your system is configured to use them, and if you have permissions). Each button represents a group of tasks that can be added to the job in one operation. After clicking one, the next screen lets you revise the defaults prior to saving.


Homepage (Daily Snapshot)

The sections on the homepage are different than those on the Job or Client profile pages in that these lists only include items relevant to you, allowing you to gauge your workload and schedule for the day, undistracted by having your items spread across multiple locations and mixed in with other people’s items.

My Tasks

These are unfinished tasks assigned to you, whether you created them or not. This works the same for an admin as for a regular user.

My Calls

These are not yet completed Calls assigned to you, whether you created them or not.

My Teams, As Member

This is a listing of all teams you are on as a regular member (not Team Lead, since those will appear in the section above).

My Schedule

This calendar shows only events for which you are an attendee, or are the contact for the event.

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