14) Contacts

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The Contacts feature serves two purposes within SMMware. A Contact can act as a representative for your clients, such as when an adult child manages the job on behalf of a parent with memory issues. A client can only have one Contact (representative).

A Contact can also optionally be associated with an Organization. An Organization can have multiple contacts.

On the Listing screen, Contacts are grouped into categories, in similar fashion as the Organizations are. There is also the same set of categories, matching what is used for Organizations.


Again, expand a category by clicking on the ‘+’ button

The Details screen can tell you which Organization a Contact is affiliated with, if any. It can also have a portrait image for the Contact.

During the holidays or on other occasions, some companies send gifts to Contacts (typically to those affiliated with an Organization, as opposed to ones serving as Client Representatives). The “Favorites” field allows you to enter a short note regarding what sort of gift this person likes.

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