13) Organizations

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The Organizations feature is like an address book of organizations useful to your company. These can be businesses where your company spends money for supplies for services which makes them Vendors, and they will have “QBO Vendor” checked in their profiles. Entries in this section can also be Organizations that you recommend to clients.

On the Listing screen, organizations are grouped into categories. At the top of the page on the Listing screen, you will find the set of categories into which organizations fall. Clicking on a link jumps you down the page to the group of organizations assigned to that category.


Click on the ‘+’ sign to expand a category and see the individual entries within it.

For each organization, some detail is provided: address, phone, and website.

An organization can be assigned to multiple categories, and can appear multiple times on the page, once per relevant category.


You can click on the View button to see the Details screen. At the top of this screen, you will see a list of Contacts (there can be more than one) who are associated with this Organization. Clicking on the link will let you view the details for that Contact.


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