12) Image and File Management


Image and File Management

SMMware allows you to upload images and other file types.

Watch our YouTube video about the File Manager at https://youtu.be/_CoutpoSkAI (if this link is broken because we’ve posted a new version, go to our channel at https://www.youtube.com/SMMware to get to the new video)

Below is a typical view of the file/image manager.

To uploading new files , first use the “Browse” button, which will open a popup window. For a desktop machine, it allows you to navigate your hard drive for files and images. On a phone, it will similarly open the phone’s file manager. You can multiselect images and files as desired.

SMMware allows you to assign tags to images, and groups/orders the images per the tag. Non-image files (Word Docs, etc.) are always “Untagged” and appear at the top of the list. Any images added later will still be grouped with others of the same tag.

The list of tags is configurable for each SMMware client.

Editing mode allows you to rename any file, whether it is an image or not. For images, you can also change the tags. Note that you cannot edit the file extension.

You can rotate images using the counter-clockwise and clockwise arrows.