08) File Sharing


File Sharing

SMMware allows you to share documents from the File Manager with Clients and Contacts (Client Representatives, Vendors). Which SMMware users can view shares details and which ones can add/edit/delete shares is configurable by contacting SMMware support staff.

Sharing a Document

Shares are created from the File Manager in Client and Job Profiles. To start, you click on the ‘share’ icon ( ). The icon at the top lets you share the whole folder.

Clicking on the share icon brings up the ‘share’ screen.

As seen in the left pane below, you can share the document with the client using the slider. Since SMMware knows who the client is and their email address, you simply need to decide yes/no.

You can add as many Contacts as you like, by selecting them from the Contacts dropdown. When you are about to add someone the text for them is green, and when you are about to delete someone, red. When you hit ‘Save’, the text will all go back to the normal black, and emails are sent to the Portal Users.

SMMware also provides you with a new command, the Portal Manager, found under Admin->Portal Manager. The filter section at the top in the grey bar allows you to group the listing in two ways.

First, based first on what item is shared and then who has access to it.

Second, grouped by the person with sub-listings of what they have access to.

This command may be useful, for instance, if you stop working with a vendor and want to make sure they no longer have access to any shares.

Shares expire when a job has a job status of ‘closed’.

User Experience, Portal User

When you share an item, the recipient (the Portal User) will receive an email with a link to that share.

If it is their first time, they will be asked to set a password, with their email address serving as their username. A Portal User can only access the page in SMMware for viewing shares that have been set up for them, they are not able to see any other pages in the system.