18) Appendix A: YouTube Videos

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Appendix A: A Listing of All SMMware YouTube Videos (at the time this doc was created)

If we upload a new version of a video, it will have a new URL replacing the ones provided below. You can still find the new version by going to our channel and then browsing through the videos.

Our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/SMMware

2 min intro https://youtu.be/qHXpmNGyJXA
15 min intro https://youtu.be/lRUNL0csMw0
SMMware Tour for Team Members https://youtu.be/E4rGigg0DVU
Sales Features in SMMware https://youtu.be/v9D133Qvn9g
Clients and Jobs in SMMware https://youtu.be/cmrTdMto2K8
Time and Expense Entry in SMMware https://youtu.be/_aoh2sa1k3Q
Approval/Rejection/Revision Cycls for Hours/Expenses https://youtu.be/rwNJ7RB20OU
The Invoice Manager https://youtu.be/vaQ2VNwLHkQ
Organizations and Contacts in SMMware https://youtu.be/QIUrrMnLSeU
Manager Associates in SMMware https://youtu.be/5NxoFEawB3Y
Pay Levels in SMMware https://youtu.be/DiRrxDT1_sg
Project Management Tools in SMMware https://youtu.be/qIQkCcs6V_s
Scheduling in SMMware https://youtu.be/cKBqnlZFNqA
Google Calendar Integration https://youtu.be/89FOkE26lrk
Files, Images, and File Sharing in SMMware https://youtu.be/_CoutpoSkAI
The Settings Editor https://youtu.be/7l7Nq_leX9k
Reporting https://youtu.be/1aorxpajPRU
QuickBooks Online Integration https://youtu.be/pI8HZb3lndA
QBO: Daily Use https://youtu.be/iXBXYqo__-o
QBD Integration https://youtu.be/s624CLHHE8g
QBD: Daily Use https://youtu.be/lpnvI2ODw3s
SMMware on iOS based Mobile Devices https://youtu.be/9YF–bZBfK4
Desktop Shortcuts for iOS https://youtu.be/36S4WjDZKVQ
Desktop Shartcuts on Android https://youtu.be/4xghFTDDT_k
MailChimp Keys https://youtu.be/oLRG7F-Q2iU
Consignment Sales https://youtu.be/LW3jQaOsVx4
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