17) Inventory

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Show Inventory

This command lets you see what is presently in stock.

You can filter the listing based on item type, or item location, and you can also sort the results by item or by location. You can display each item with the ‘single’ setting (two identical boxes means two line items quantity 1 per line item), or more commonly, you can aggregate the results (two identical boxes show in one line item with a quantity of 2).

You can assign an item to a job from here.

Or you can transfer it from one location to another.

Record Purchases

When you make a purchase it is common for it to consist of multiple item types. This command lets you tell the system that a purchase has been made, and what items were part of it.

The first screen shows a listing of purchases that have been made.

The second screen lets you enter the details. You will assign the items to an inventory location.

Usage Report

This command lets you see what inventory items have been assigned to a job.

You can also return items to stock if needed.

The filter at the top of the page lets you narrow the listing based on the job. The list of items can be displayed by distinct item, or in groups. The ‘single’ setting means that if the job has two of an item such as a 2Cu Ft cardboard box, there will be a line item for each box. You can pick exactly which box is being returned to stock. This is relevant if the boxes were bought at different times for different prices.

The ‘group’ setting is more common than ‘single’ because it is rare that you care about exactly which item is transferred. Under the group setting, you will see an overall number for this item, and can return a portion back to stock (if desired).

You can also return items back into inventory if you need to correct an error.


Manage Locations

This command allows you to add/edit/delete locations.

Note that there is a configuration option that lets you treat associates as inventory locations. If this is on, associates will appear in the list of available locations, but they don’t require management and so don’t appear here.


Manage Items

This command allows you to add/edit/delete the inventory items.

The most common type of inventory item is ‘discrete’, such as a box or a dolley.

An item can be designated as “Consumable” such as a cardboard box, or as “Reusable”, like a dolley.

The status of an item can be “open” or “closed”. Closed items cannot have any additional inventory assigned to it in the Record Purchases command.

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