26) Appendix F: Custom Field Examples

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Appendix F: Examples of Custom Field Usage for Clients and For Jobs/ Inquiries

Custom fields for Client profile should address information that is still true even after they move. For example, a field “Mobility Aids” provides a place to record if the client needs a cane or wheelchair, and if they used one prior to moving, they will presumably still use one afterwards.

Custom fields for Job profiles should address information that is specific to a location. For example, an elevator code.

Examples, Custom Fields for Client Profiles

  • Referred to
  • Assessment Date
  • Intake complete
  • Inquiry call taken by
  • Date of Inquiry
  • $ Estimate Value
  • Health Issues
  • Mental Acuity
  • Mobility Aids
  • Reason for move
  • Reason for calling
  • Clutter level: 1-5
  • Pet information
  • Birthdays
  • Call After (AM)
  • Call Before (PM)

Examples, Custom Fields for Job Profiles

  • Realtor Name
  • Gate code
  • Floorplan (Y/N)
  • Mover Hours
  • Cleaning Hours
  • Handyman Hours
  • Basement/Locker Items? (Y/N)
  • Garage Items? (Y/N)
  • Shed Items? (Y/N)
  • Off-site Storage? (Y/N)
  • Attic Items? (Y/N)
  • Items Other Loc? (desc)
  • Selling Hours? (Y/N)
  • House Listed? (Y/N)
  • Sold Conditionally? (Y/N)
  • House Sold? (Y/N)
  • Garbage Day
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