02) Introduction, Requirements, & Settings Editor


Where Basic Users typically have viewing rights for many (but not all) commands, and Team Leads have more, Admin Users will have management rights (add/edit/delete) across the board. They can manage Associates, Clients, Jobs, etc.. Admin Users should also be familiar with the tasks of the Basic User and Team Lead User and should consult the Basic User manual and the Team Lead User manual.

This manual starts with commands that the Team Lead users have some access to, but also points out the additional capabilities which Admin Users have.

Each SMMware client has their own URL with the form of http://company-name.smmware.com. This URL will be chosen by you as part of starting your subscription. Your instance of SMMware will look slightly different than the screenshots contained in this manual. Your company logo will appear in the header, and the color scheme will be customized.


Cookies must be allowed (to maintain your login state).

Popup windows must be allowed (for help screens).

Mobile devices to have a minimum width of 750px in portrait mode.

Configuration, and The Settings Editor

When you first start your subscription, a SMMware Accredited Trainer can if you like work with you to configure your site. You may have worked with the Quick Start Guide, which addresses the minimum of necessary settings to get you up and running, or you may have used the full SMMware Configuration Questionnaire that provides you with a broad overview of SMMware’s configuration options.

Watch our YouTube video about the Settings Editor at https://youtu.be/7l7Nq_leX9k
(if this link is broken because we’ve posted a new version, go to our channel at https://www.youtube.com/SMMware to get to the new video)

SMMware allows you a great many options for customizing your instance of SMMware via our Settings Editor. It can be found by navigating to Admin->Settings. The help page for the Settings Editor is a great place to start in understanding what aspect of SMMware is affected by a given setting. But you are also always welcome to contact us with questions or for help.

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