14) Referrals Report

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Referrals Report

The Referrals Report is a Sales/Marketing Tool. When you sign a new client, you should ask them how they found out about you. The client profile contains three fields:

Example of usage:

Category/Top: Attorney
Company: John Smith and Partners Law Practice
Person/Bottom: Tom Thumb

The buttons (with three short horizontal lines) just the right of Category and Company contain clickable lists of previous values used in these fields, generated fresh at the time the page is opened.

You will see next in the report how this hierarchy of categories is used to organize the report.

At the top of the page are filters, which can be used to shape the results to answer the question of where your referrals are coming from.

The exact labels used for all three fields are completely open, you can enter whatever you like. But since the items are grouped based on these labels (Sorting first by the Generic/Top level, then the middle, then the Specific/Bottom), you will want to be consistent.

For instance, you should avoid using both “Attorney” and “Lawyer” as top level terms, since they will appear far apart in the report.

There is a second table which shows your Top 25 referral sources:

You may want to edit the labels used per client to improve your results. For your convenience, when you click on a client name in the referral report, a separate window opens with the “Edit Client” command. After you change your referral labels, you still need to click through the Confirm and Completion steps just as always when editing a client. Note that when you click on a second client, it re-uses the second window, it doesn’t create a third (fourth, etc) window.

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