What Matters Most in Property

“What business advice would you give to other rural entrepreneurs trying to start a new business or expand on existing business?”

In property, there are three things that matter most: location, location, location. This is paraphrasing a British real estate tycoon’s advice for success in real estate. As rural entrepreneurs, we can relate to that advice. Because we cannot (and frankly don’t want to) change our location, we have learned that what matters most is: visibility, visibility, visibility.

Being in the relatively new industry of Senior Move Management, we knew that in order to obtain business, our potential customers first needed to know what we do, and how we could help them. That is why we entered our local Chamber’s Business Plan Competition. It was the perfect opportunity to introduce this concept to our rural market and gain VISIBILITY within the business community. It not only yielded us start-up capital, but tremendous exposure in local media for our business and the introduction of Senior Move Management as an industry.

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