Pre-Move Organization Tips

I recently attended a speaker panel of some of NYC’s top moving companies and one of the foreman mentioned that anyone could open a moving business in April – August and be wildly successful. The spring & summer months are peak moving times and cause many people stress and anxiety at just the thought of moving anywhere from 2 to 20 years worth of possessions. Ease the load, literally, and follow these tips below to streamline the process.

Time and Money

Avoid personal time and or money lost from packing and paying to move items you don’t ultimately need. I once worked with a client who moved 7 years of mail to 4 different apartments simply because she couldn’t bring herself to sort through it all. Set a timer and sort through the pile of items you have been avoiding for an hour at a clip. If you feel motivated and want to keep going after an hour, continue to work through the items. By setting small, achievable time limits and goals, you’ll make steady progress on sorting through your possessions. You’ll find that by doing this work up front that not only packing but unpacking and setting up your new home will be a much easier task.

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