Overcome the Guilt of Donating Unwanted Gifts

I love the Holiday season and nearly everything about it. From the decorations to the music to the family and friends downtime, it’s just a great time of year. But, like many others, there are times I feel guilt over the influx of unnecessary gifts I receive. A gift is always a lovely and generous thought. But sometimes, not really something the recipient even wanted in the first place. Gifts that aren’t really your thing provide a great reason to donate them to organizations that are in need. To overcome the guilt of donating a gift that a loved one took the time and effort to pick out for you, try keeping the following in mind.

The Purpose of a Gift

The true purpose of a gift is for both the giver and receiver to feel great about the item. If you don’t particularly love a gift, it already served it’s purpose of making the giver feel selfless and generous. An item you’re just meh over could turn out to be someone’s else’s favorite shirt for example – it might be easier to part with the item if you think in these terms.

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