Notes from my Move

Moving is up there with one of life’s biggest stressors outside of death and divorce.

In early July, my husband and I found out that our landlord was selling our current apartment so we set out to look for a new place. After some trial and error with some very unprofessional real estate agents, (I have no idea how some people are able to stay in business!), we found a new place we were set to move in on July 1st.

We packed everything up and labeled every box within an inch of our lives and were ready to go. On the Wednesday prior to the move we got a call that the landlord was M.I.A and we would be unable to move in on July 1st.

Very long story short, after a month of living out of boxes, not knowing where we were going to live next, accepting we might be at a loss of thousands of dollars, our broker finally located him and we moved in without incident at the end of July.

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