Make Confident Decisions: How to be Bold and Really Commit with ADHD

Individuals with ADHD tend to get caught up in decision-making dilemmas. It’s common to get overwhelmed by mountains of information and details and get lost in the pros and cons. While there are those who are consumed with making the perfect decision, some resort to impulsive, hasty decisions and others wait for the circumstances to determine their most favorable options.
ADHD Decision-Making Dilemmas

Lance finds it difficult to stick to a plan. He sets the intention for a new morning routine that he’s hoping will change his life; however, he can’t help but worry that the effort he will put into his improved routine will be a waste of time. He doesn’t get far with his cutting-edge morning routine.

Janet homeschooled her kids this year, but homeschooling didn’t work out the way she had hoped. Her confidence faltered as she was overwhelmed with all the online information and details available on homeschooling. Janet impulsively switched back and forth between several curriculums. If only she had purchased the “right” curriculum, Janet felt everything would have been different.

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