How to Organize Small Spaces

As a professional organizer working for over 7 years in the city of San Francisco, I’ve seen some really wacky spaces. Old apartment buildings and homes started out with very little storage space – and then over the years as they were updated by various owners, they just got weirder! So trust me when I say that I understand the struggles you might be having with a home that’s smaller or more frustratingly shaped than you’d ideally like.

I mean, exhibit #1 is the closet in my guest room (the primary bedroom in the original home, before we renovated). It opens up with folding doors as you might expect… and then suddenly you realize there’s another doorway with… another smaller closet inside! There’s no off the shelf closet system that was designed for a closet like this – and even though the previous owners installed some custom storage, it was still a pretty weird situation.

So, trust me – I know what it’s like to live in a small home, and I help people organize their small spaces every day!

If you’re struggling with getting organized and feeling like the only solution is more space, don’t despair! There are three major concepts I use when organizing small spaces that just might help…

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