How to Organize a Garage

Garage Organization..Down Under”

April is a season of Refresh, Rejuvenate and Renewal. Spring is in the air and homeowners are getting antsy to work on their home and garden projects. One major home Organization project is the garage – typically male dominated with very few female “frillies” to be seen.

Fun FACTS about “Garage Organization”:

*Of 1,500 North American respondents to a Garage Living poll, 20% said they were unable to park in their garage.

*A Sparefoot survey of 1,000 Americans found that 47% of them admitted to encountering problems with being able to park in their garage. Another UCLA study of 32 Los Angeles-area families found that 75% of them didn’t use their garages for parking.

*Disorganization (not lack of space) causes 80% of household clutter. (Soap and Detergent Association study)

*“Removing junk” ranked as the top answer from people who were asked how they could enjoy their garage more. (Wall Street Journal survey)

The garage has become a man’s “home away from home”, a retreat into the gritty underground playroom of tinker tools, massive machines, greasy grime, and dusty cobwebs! A room entered at your own risk…! Ha! Rather scary thought, isn’t it? Peanuts character “pigpen” pops into my mind as I visualize this world of “Garage Organization… Down Under”

Start with a Plan….

1) Visualize a clean, organized, uncluttered garage

2) Make a plan…Write it down…Be specific about what you want, why and when….

3) Divide the plan into small parts (think of slicing a pie, 1 piece at a time)

4) Set a designated time to work on the Garage (ex: Tues. & Thurs. 1:00-2:00)

5) Focus on (1) area/wall @ a time

6) Starting clockwise, remove and place all items into categories/zones

*Automotive *Boating *Bikes *Camping

*Lawn and Garden *Outdoor Toys *Paint *Picnic Supplies

*Seasonal Décor *Sports *Tools *Etc.

7) Sort and Purge (Create 4 piles: Donate, Keep, Sell, Trash). This process establishes a “HOME” for everything

8) Label everything…Clear, weatherproof containers allow you to see the contents!

9) Organization Helpers:

  • Ceiling hooks
  • Bins
  • Clear labeled containers
  • Pegboard
  • Shelves
  • Storage Cabinets

*Hang heavier items and place smaller ones in labeled containers

*Store hazardous chemicals, etc. in locked storage

10) Recycle containers – (glass, paper, trash, etc.) set close to the door and empty containers weekly.

11) Clean every item before placing it in its home. Clean ceiling, walls, and garage floor.

Regardless of the size of your garage, always allow for additional time to complete your project.

Daunting? Overwhelming? Can be! Thank goodness the Organizer Coach is ready to serve you!

Organizing projects, big or small are our “gig” and my team and I love a challenge!

It’s best to start now, springtime, before the temperature rises!

Hop into Spring with an Organized garage and be refreshed, rejuvenated, and renewed!

Happy Spring,
Tammy C. O’Neil, ACC, CPT, CSDS, CSSC
The Organizer Coach 304.834.5678