How to Get Organized When You Don’t Know Where to Start

Most people who are struggling to get organized simply don’t know where to start, because they have clutter in multiple areas and it is hard to establish priorities, let alone take action. Typically, there is a fear that they will not be successful on their own. I like to start any organizing project by producing an action plan that has my client’s goals in mind.

You’re overwhelmed. You work full-time. You have a family at home. All you seem to do is work-work-work (for everyone else). There is absolutely no time for vacations (or even weekend getaways). Not to mention, you can’t even rest when you are sick, so the ability to maintain a clutter-free home is nearly impossible.

It’s obvious there is too much on your plate. There are too many emails coming in, too much stuff surrounding you, and too many people vying for your attention.

It’s no wonder you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin to get organized!!


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